My iPhone 4 Camera Review

By Kaushik | Apple

One of the best things about the iPhone 4 was the inclusion of the spectacular 5 mega-pixel camera that clicks way better pictures than the older versions of the device.

The camera is better than any other 5 mega-pixel snapper we’ve seen and even gives higher pixel cameras a run for their money.

iPhone 4 Camera Review

The camera of iPhone 4 delivers spellbinding pictures rich in contrast and color. Apple’s strategy is to not make the pictures realistic but to make them pop and to make full use of the retina display. And that is what they achieve here with the colors being larger than life and sharp, crisp contrasts that make the pictures come alive.

iPhone 4 Camera

The phone’s incredible screen only notches up the effect further. It performs very well in all lightning conditions and the included LED flash is quite good too. It makes the low light photography that much easier. The secret to the device picking up that many colors and light is the inclusion of a very fast and wide lens. The front facing camera for Facetime video calls isn’t great but it does its job.

The camera shoots HD video at 720p and it manages it brilliantly. The phone’s 30fps frame rate is smooth and ensures that the videos being shot are stable and consistent. If you’re carrying this baby around there won’t be a need for a separate camcorder and to some extent even your point n shoot. The iPhone 4 manages to take care of all basic photography needs.

Even though the camera is so good by itself Apple added yet another nifty feature to it, the ability to take High Dynamic Range pictures which wasn’t a part of the earlier devices, at least not in the model itself.

An HDR photo is much closer to what you see with your own eye than any other photograph can even aim to get. The device does is that it takes three different photos at three different exposures and then merges them together. What this does is that it creates a much more exposed picture where the darker and the brighter portions of the subject are exposed equally. So no more choosing between muted bright or shadowy figures. But this works well only if there is enough dynamic range in the photo in the first place.

Dynamic range is the range between the darkest and the lightest parts of the image. So HDR only makes a difference when the dynamic range is high or else it just tones down the phone’s natural color reproduction in images. However the HDR feature also preserves the original picture minus the HDR – so you can pick whichever you find better and discard the other.

The Apple iPhone 4 is an awesome phone by itself and the camera on this device just makes it more better. So keep your fingers crossed that this baby hits Indian shores soon.

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