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By Sidharth | Apple

The recent Apple event announced quite a few updates on iTunes, iPhone OS and also announced a new gadget release, this time the gadget update is linked up with iPod’s. This latest iPod nano favors the video camera feature which is pretty unexpected and an added advantage to a mp3 gadget.

With a popular 8.1 webscore according to Testfreaks – the Apple ipod nano 4G has been one of the best portable gadget around. And as a matter of fact, 220 million Apple iPod’s sold till now, it’s time for these new iPod nano to spring up the sales. Now let’s look into the details of iPod nano:


  • Larger 2.2-inch display (376 x 240 resolution).
  • Built in speaker and includes earphones on purchase.
  • Real time special effects while recording.
  • 24 hours of music and 5 hour of video playback support.
  • An FM radio to keep you entertained with new music.
  • Sync is easier with the latest iTunes as well.

ipod_video_music ipod_radio

Interestingly the iPod nano body is made out of recyclable materials and therefore the price of this video camera Apple iPod remains quite affordable.

The cost of the 8GB iPod nano is $149 whereas for $179 you’d be owning yourself an 16GB iPod nano.

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dave September 10, 2009

wow, that’s a great update for nano users, I may consider getting one too!

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