Permanent iPhone 4 Reception Fix using Bumper Cover

By Sidharth | Apple

iPhone users must be aware of the signal issue caused while holding the new Apple iPhone 4 outside the antenna band. This widely reported problem causes a abrupt drop in signal and hence despised by many Apple fanboys.

The signal attenuation gets worse when you hold iPhone 4 more tightly. So your calls end automatically, well, who says this is a bug? — this is a innovative feature from Apple. It’s dead simple and magical. 😉


On a serious note, how do we fix the permanent reception issue on iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 Bumper Cover comes to the rescue.

You can buy bumper covers and use it on your Apple iPhone 4 so that your skin doesn’t make any contact with the antenna. The cost of bumper covers for iPhone are around $30 — imported from china that can be available at ebay.

But the whole point here is to make things easier for Apple iPhone 4 users. And that being said, here is perhaps the best way to fix reception by making your own bumper cover for under a $1 posted by the iPhone guru.


Solution: Use a rubber wristband. That’s exactly how theiphoneguru (the website is currently facing downtime) came up with a permanent fix for iPhone 4 reception issue. Using a rubber wristband that is priced under a dollar.

Look for one that measures about 1.125-inches long and 0.125-inches wide, expand it from the outside and dress it on the iPhone 4. You can carefully make cut-outs wherever the necessity arises. So that’s it, you saved $29 now 😉

Additional input gathered from Wired lab.

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