Quick Update: iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.1 Release Delayed

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Stable version of iOS 6.0 firmware was released this year on September 19th. As usual, some were extremely pleased after upgrading their devices to the new firmware and some not so.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who upgraded to iOS 6 firmware loved the new and improved Siri, found the social networking option really useful and the 3D Flyover view in Apple Maps really addictive.

On the other hand, there are users who are completely unhappy after updating to iOS 6. The complaints range from problems connecting to WiFi to iOS devices shutting down on their own. Some users have also reported that the device’s battery doesn’t last longer on iOS 6.

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Coming Soon: iOS 6.0.1

BGR’s reliable sources says that Apple has started testing iOS 6.0.1 and a release is on its way. Apple is already testing this firmware with different carrier partners in the US, and this time they want to make sure the update solves the nagging issues permanently.

The report goes on to mention that the horizontal lines visible on the screen whenever the keyboard or an iOS folder is opened will be fixed with this update. Even the flash issues on iOS camera will be taken care of.

More importantly, WiFi connectivity will be improved after installing iOS 6.0.1 on your device — this means a lot to those iOS 6 users who are frequently facing the unusual WiFi issues. Besides fixing the cellular data problem, calendar bugs and other trivial issues are resolved as well.

But don’t expect Apple to release iOS 6.0.1 at the iPad Mini event.

iOS 6.1 in Test Phase

Apple is also testing iOS 6.1 and will probably release the firmware after holidays. Apple’s main concern and priority is to fix as many issues as possible because — let’s accept it — the new iOS 6 firmware, although embraced with open arms, hasn’t been impressive.

Do you prefer to stick with iOS 6? Do you think Apple should immediately release an update? Share your thoughts through the comment section below!


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Seslichat November 1, 2012

One really annoying issue I’ve noticed is that even though I have itunes match disabled, all my itunes match songs show up in music.

Liza October 26, 2012

I don’t care too much for the ios6 update. I’m even sorry I updated it. Since the update, I’ve been having major issues connecting to my wifi. It’s just been a big pain. It would just take forever to connect. Well, it doesn’t connect at all. I would get an internet error every time. A few times, if I’m lucky, it would connect. It’s very unstable and it steers me away from my phone and I have to use my laptop for the internet.

Mike October 25, 2012

I didn’t update to ios 6 because of the maps issue mainly but i am glad i didn’t update now from what issues i had read about that over people are having. I’m goin to wait for the next update to be launched and wait for the reviews. Apple should make a quick update to fix the problems then make a bigger update to fix any remaining problems and their maps app

Shane October 24, 2012

IOS6 seems to try validate an apple website when you add a Wifi network to any device running it. Problem is if the device is unable to verify the apple site it dumps the Wifi you are trying to add. Works perfect for Wifi networks with internet connectivity, not so for a LAN where users just want to share video or data 🙁

We work offshore, where we have no internet signal, and have a group of 18 divers sealed inside a saturation chamber who use Ipads to watch video’s (which are stored on a workstation outside of the chamber) Currently their glorious Ipads are expensive coasters and no one at Apple can tell me how to get around the problem.

kieran234 October 23, 2012

I have a 4g ipod touch and i think apple should put siri on the ipod touch 4g but do you think the 4g ipod touch support siri

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