Siri For iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 4G A Reality Very Soon

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Flip through Apple Discussion Forum, and you will know every iPhone 4 user is craving for Siri, which is Apple’s personal voice assistant technology taking the world over by storm. Take this page for instance, that has spanned for 14-pages and counting replies about Siri and its integration on iPhone 4.

Now we know Siri is exclusive to iPhone 4S. But this presents us with the question: Can Apple really push Siri on iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4G?

Siri Apple iPhone 4

When the developer version of iOS 5.1 beta was released a few days ago, it sparked interest among developers, and that is when Cult of Mac discovered there was a hidden dictation’s details in the developer iOS firmware. This details were previously reserved exclusively for Siri in iPhone 4S.

This means whenever iOS 5.1 is released, and whenever A4 owners will update their device to this firmware, they might be in for a surprise. That said, this information alone cannot confirm the veracity of Siri coming in the next firmware; however, Cody from iDownloadblog looked at the About Dictation and Privacy section, and believes Apple is opening up Siri for other iOS devices very soon.

What do you think? Is Apple playing fair by holding back Siri for other iOS devices? Probably holding back Siri has escalated the sales of iPhone 4S.

Siri on iOS devices

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Roger Barnes January 18, 2012

I hope Apple goes ahead and does it for you guys, but honestly SIRI is not that special… Sure you play with it a couple days but in the end you figure out it is easier just to do it manually….

Speech recognition:
As a native speaking white American I can say its speech recognition is aweful… Good luck getting it to call friends with slightly unusual or ethnic names, “Call Mike” works but “Call Latifia” does not… But you can give Latifia a vulgar nickname (Call my H* or B* or even F*buddy) and it will call her everytime… Furthermore it does not recognize “masters voice” so anyone can go “mail my wife, I want a divorce” or my favorite; “Siri, call me -Vulgarname-” “Do you want me to call you -Vulgarname- from now on?” “yes”…

Location based reminders:
It is also too stupid to remember places by GPS location for reminders, it needs to find an address… Plenty of places do not have addresses (or addresses SIRI can find and place correctly). When it is wrong you cannot even move the pin to the correct location… Examples:

1) you have a long driveway (1/16 mile+) SIRI will think you are not home if you are not at the mailbox
2) you travel to any country besides the 3 or 4 supported ones it will not remember your hotel
3) you work at a fairly large business or jobsite (if accounting is in building 3 shouldn’t SIRI be able to remind you to hand in receipts when you leave building 1?)
4) you want a reminder when you get to the fountain in the park (maybe have SIRI propose to your girlfriend, IDK)
5) geocaching locations
6) a farmer wants a reminder to “check on XYZ cow when I get to barn 3” but SIRI needs an address
7) you need a reminder when you get to the subway station exit 4 or the bus stop
8) maybe you saw wildlife somewhere and you want SIRI to remind you to look again next time, also for hunters…
9) remind me when I get to the car…

This way of dealing with location is so frustrationing with SIRI saying “I cannot find an address for this location” and me saying “Just remember this F*ing coordinates” “I am sorry I don’t understand what you mean by that”… Ahhh… Isn’t it easier just to remember the GPS coordinates rather than converting addresses back and forth?

Very beta software at best with the same voice of Dr Sabatso (artificial intelligence that came with some Sound Blaster cards) from 1992….

Conorsully January 12, 2012

I really hope this will happen, but there’s a part of me that believes it won’t for Siri is the selling point for iPhone 4s. If apple was to open up Siri, popularity for all apple devices will continue to soar. If anyone has seen the current development in porting Siri done by the jail breaking community (all perfectly legal), Siri is totally possible on all A4 devices, and even 3GS. I personally cannot afford an iPhone 4S, so this would be at a huge convienence, and will be put off jail breaking to obtain Siri.

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