Smartphones Hit Back Apple on Signal issue!

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs during a press conference last week that aimed to tackle the issue about the iPhone 4 antenna and signal problems that has been plaguing many iPhone users made claims that it wasn’t only the iPhone 4 that were having signal problems but other smartphones as well like RIM (Blackberry), HTC and even Samsung.

Apple supported this claim by providing test results that showed the Samsung Omnia II, HTC Droid Eris and the Blackberry Bold 9700 all losing their signals when held in a particular way.  Now, HTC, Samsung & RIM hit back on this claims by Apple.

Jim and Mike Lazaridis from RIM stated that Apple’s attempt to bring RIM into the fiasco of antenna signals that is Apple’s own problem is highly unacceptable.

They said that Apple’s claims about their products seem to be a deliberate attempt to confuse the public and deflect attention from the iPhone’s difficult situation and also made sure that the innovation they used will diminish the possibility of dropped calls especially on low coverage areas.

And in reference to Apple’s offer of a free bumper for their iPhone 4 in order to boost signal they said, “One thing is for certain, RIM customer’s don’t need to use a Blackberry Smartphone casing in order to maintain connectivity.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that HTC and Samsung is not aware of any signal problems with any of their smartphones. HTC’s chief financial officer Hui-Meng Cheng told the Wall Street Journal that signal and reception problems are definitely not a common occurrence for many smartphones and noted that Apple seems to not have given enough time for their technicians to amply assess the phones.

Meanwhile, while Nokia wasn’t mentioned by Jobs, they too condemned the signal issue comments made by Apple.

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