The iPad and Good Reader App: A Whole New Reading Experience

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Apple iPad is one device with a really exceptional screen for various application displays. And it is even lined with the rest of the other all-purpose reader electronic products in the market.

iBooks may provide an attractive e-book interface but there’s the problem of cluttering files on the desktop like high-resolution images, HTML pages, presentations, spreadsheets, documents and portable document formats. But those who are seriously bothered by this dilemma may not start to anticipate a much better solution offered by the iPad.

The Good Reader application, which is known to be incorporated in iPhone and iPodTouch is soon to be featured along with the other useful apps in Apple iPad.

Complete with the ability to open and browse through entirely large sized files like PDFs, this is sure to be a hit with the iPad. Additionally, this tablet version is also integrated with the brand new preview control panel where a new column is added for quick peeks of all the files and their uploaded contents to the Good Reader.

To make the electronic reading experience more substantial, this Good Reader Tablet Edition is made to include all the exciting and solid features in its smaller screen counterpart. Aside from the Wi-Fi syncing capability with the computer, the Tablet Good Reader is also designed to sync through the internet with other handy and expedient services like Drop box, Google Docs and Mobile Me’s iDisk and even with the less popular services like and

Here’s more. If you wish to extract the contents of a very long PDF document, the Good Reader tablet edition’s PDF Reflow feature can be utilized to copy all the text contents of the PDF document and then automatically saves this into an all-exclusive text file. Take not that the PDF’s contents is substantially reduced in the new text file as all existing images are not included in the saving of the new text file.

And, if the tiny new file is not that tiny to you, then you could pinch it a bit more by adjusting the page margins, include further word wrapping and alter the color and size of the text font as per your preference. Convenience is really the business of the Good Reader. It could also keep track of your reading progress even with hyperlinks, zoom the file up to 50 times and works fine with all office documents and file formats.

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