The Scope of Apple iPad Revolution

By Jim Roberts | Apple

I have always considered the best platform and more efficient operating systems account for which is the better personal computer.

And that is why with the long-running competition between Apple and Microsoft, this mind is keener on how the PC works for me. Of course, I take into account that some devices are just much better or are marketed better. In the end, I make sure I purchase what works for me.

It is simply a delight, most of all, now that both functions of a gadget and a business machine are now in just one device. No more choosing between a toy and a tool; it’s just about grabbing the one device that has all the technologies for work and fun. Just like iPhone, when it came into being, it was largely considered a consumer toy, not a business device. But since then, this Apple product have broken the traditional concepts and crawled toward the top.

Now, having an iPad and an iPhone is not limited to business professionals, although they are, in reality, heavily used by consumers, the Apple devices have also earned a huge chunk of user from other demographics.

While its competitors do have similar excellent products, the marketing strength and scope of Apple is highly commendable. It has since erased the idea that its products are mere business computers with some entertainment integrated into it. For instance, users and techies now largely accept that the iPad is an excellent consumer device with great business functionality.

The line of products from Apple also allows the varying generations to get one product without difficulty adjusting and learning new things. Kids and adults always get to choose which Apple device would work best for them.

Truly, Apple has gone a long way and done so much to achieve a top spot among consumers. Now, if only it has lesser grip on its product. Many are turned-off by its tight control on its hardware and software, the distribution and its third party applications. The propriety character of Apple shuns off integration with other networks and applications; Kind of a big-time put-off for me.

The story of the iPad revolution could be great but then there are also realities we live by. Like it will never take the place of notebooks or desktops, just as the tablet is not a replacement for a laptop.

The iPad and the tablet, like all other gadgets, are one-of-a-kind devices that are purchased based on preference. As it is, most business professionals are still attached to their desktop and notebooks, but find the fun and convenience in having their iPad as well. Works well for them and for me too!

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Holding a dual degree in both Management and IT with 13 years of business experience, I am Jim F. Roberts from California, USA. Needless to say, I am a techy guy and I love exploring, checking out the latest gadgets and sharing my thoughts on a lot of things.

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