Why Not to Buy iPhone 4S in India

By Sidharth | Apple

Apple’s smartphone industry dominance will likely persist for years to come, but in India the Apple iPhone 4S is seen as yet another overly-priced, luxury-driven smartphone.

iPhone 4S is Apple’s pride. Everything is perfect. The screen, camera, the sleek design with A5 chip under the hood, millions of useful apps, and the iOS mobile operating system makes iPhone 4S a superb on-the-go smartphone, but that is not what bothers the people of India.

iPhone 4S in India
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Anyone can buy iPhone 4S, but it’s not that easy in India, especially if you are feeding yourself on a tight monthly budget.

Buying iPhone 4S in India is a Waste of Money

In India, under Airtel and Aircel, iPhone 4S 16GB model is priced at Rs. 44,500 while the 32GB model can be yours for Rs. 50,900 only. Plus the very few who can afford the 32GB iPhone 4S should pay a monthly rental of Rs. 1150 after which they can enjoy 3500 minutes of local and STD calling.

And there’s 1GB free Internet, too.

Despite the decent offerings, iPhone 4S’s biggest letdown is, and will always be, the price. Looking at the price set by Apple in India, it’s ridiculous to even think of buying an iPhone 4S. Paying 50000 rupees for a mobile device, which is nothing more than a mere upgrade of iPhone 4, is by no means a sweet deal. Look around, we already have some very good, although Android OS based, phones out there in the market available within Rs. 30000.

At the same time, the much touted personal assistant, Siri, may not work well with Indian accent.

Apple could have launched a cheaper version of iPhone, perhaps a chopped-off version of iPhone 4S, to gain momentum in India. But no, that’s not Apple’s modus operandi. They do their own thing.

Also, the iPhone 4, almost a year and a half old smartphone previously available for Rs. 35000 is now priced at Rs. 38000. And this brings us to our question whether the iPhone is really our money’s worth?

And not by a long shot will the iPhone be in the hands of 10% of Indians. Only a few students can digest the price and bring home an iPhone 4S while the middle-class working people might ignore it; geeks may buy one after stretching out their long love for Apple products, and while everyone will crave for one, only a few will exercise the thoughts of ordering this piece of luxury from the Airtel and Aircel stores.

We are teased with the sleek design, supposedly excellent camera, robust iOS features, our own powerful voice assistant (siri), but the humongous price tag makes iPhone 4S a failure in the eyes of the Indian public.

For some, owning an iPhone 4S is an out of the world experience but for the majority of us, iPhone 4S is just another phone with an expensive price tag. To buy or not to buy an iPhone 4S is a decision entirely up to you but this time, as it has been every single time in India, there will be little excitement, hype, and definitely no long queue in front of the store.

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Vimal December 15, 2011

Hi Sidharth,

How good is Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S? I’m a great fan of Sony products so could you please tell me which Xperia phone is good?

Thanks in advance,

    Sidharth December 24, 2011


    I’ve never used Arc S, but I did use Arc for a while. I’m assuming both these phones have a breadth of difference, and I can’t really give you a solid advice. But you might want to check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIGm7Lw6i4o&feature=player_embedded

    Reviews of Arc S looks good though. 🙂

Senthil Kumar B November 28, 2011

For the same price, we can buy 2 Windows Phone lol 🙂

    Sidharth November 28, 2011

    Yes, two very good Windows Phone. 😉

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