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By Jay Shah | Apple

With e-commerce really big on mobile devices now, PayPal is gearing up for the next revolution in online transactions. The phenomenal growth registered by eBay (which owns PayPal) has also been due to the increase in the volume of transactions conducted from mobile devices. This is why PayPal is planning to add a number of new features and tweaks to its iPhone and Android apps.

The latest innovation is the Bump technology, which allows the transfer of money or the start of a transaction based entirely on ‘tapping’ two smartphones together (provided that they both have the app switched on). And PayPal assures that many more such interesting developments are in the pipeline.

The President of PayPal has revealed that the new app being developed for the Apple iPhone models will allow you to make donations to a charitable organization of your choice. The company has tied up with a whopping 20000 charities, such as Autism Speaks. You can easily make a donation to these registered entities via your PayPal account.


The need for simpler ways to make donations has been brought to the fore after the recent earthquake in Haiti. A lot of money was raised via texting, but it was accepted that a lot more could have been raised had there been more of such simple ways of donating.

Charitable organizations should be really happy about this development because the iPhone-PayPal app has already been downloaded more than a million times and so there’s no reason that an upgraded app will not find more takers.

Another interesting feature which may spur you into downloading the app as soon as it becomes available is one that promises to make trips to the ATM or bank redundant! If you have a check that need to be credited to your account, you can simply take a snap of the front and back of the check and send the same to PayPal.

PayPal will then make sure that the check amount is transferred to your PayPal account. You can then use the sum for future online transactions via PayPal! Easy isn’t it? And so start counting down to the commercial launch of the upcoming Paypal app!

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