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By Sidharth | Apple

After the recent launch of Angry Birds for web browser, another installment of Angry Birds Rio sees the light today.

Beach Volley is the latest addition to the season of Angry Birds Rio. There are 30 levels available in this update, with the same old impatient and Angry Birds slinging themselves from one end to the other, trying to bring down the cute monkeys.

Download Angry Birds Rio Update

If you have already bought the Angry Birds Rio app from the App Store, simply log-in to the App Store through your smart phone and download the update.

You can also visit the iTunes page to download the latest version of Angry Birds Rio.

I also noticed a new blue bird in action — maybe I freed this bird from the cage in the previous level? Um, I can’t seem to recollect any instance of that. Anyway, I like this bird, at least it kills more monkeys than the red ones.

Angry Birds Rio

Beach Volley is nothing new — just another addition to the full-filled Angry Birds game. However, the levels are a notch better than the previous ones, and it should take a while to complete all the levels (I like the level 4).

I don’t know about you, but I will take all the time in the world to finish each level. Because, you know, the next update of Angry Birds Rio is said to be somewhere in July — that’s a long, long wait!

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