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A remote backup service is one which backs up or saves important files and folders on a remote server via some kind of client software which is typically provided by the backup providing company. The client program collects, encrypts and transmits data on a regular basis to the backup service company’s server. A few such best backup service providers which features free backup options on windows machine are discussed below.


This is one of the best backup service providers available in the market. It provides a dual option of both local as well as remote backup. When you decide to backup your files, bookmarks, emails etc, the software prompts for a choice of backup place. Local option would save it on the hard-disk or on an external hard-drive.


If you select remote backup then first the files and other necessary information are encrypted and saved on the computer’s hard-drive as a local backup. Then a copy is sent to your backup partner for storage. Since the files are encrypted, they are not accessible by your backup partner. Moreover a real-time check ensures that any change in data on your computer is immediately relayed onto your remote backup.

If you accidentally delete any file then it can be immediately restored via the local backup. In case of a bigger problem like fire or theft, you have to download the entire file base from your remote backup partner. Fast broadband connection and high bandwidth would be quite helpful in this case.


This software combines the work of a client software as well as that of a remote backup partner. The free option offers a maximum of 2 GB of backup space and hence can be used for backing up the most important of files.


It incorporates features like automatic selection and continuous data protection (CDP). CDP provides a constant update of any change in data (every 10 minutes) and accordingly changes the data on the host site. Needless to say the data is protected and also archived for easy access. The site has a virtual hard-drive interface and the entire data can be accessed from any location.


Here we have another backup service provider which offers comprehensive storage and ease of use. There are two plans offered by this site, free and paid. The free option offers 2 GB of space which can be used for backing up essential documents, pictures, music files and other smaller files.


If you require a larger backup space then you have to opt for the unlimited but paid option. Files are stored with a decent level of encryption and the site also allows backup of both open and protected files like the Outlook PST files. Other features include automated or schedules backup timings and bandwidth selection which provides the user with options to limit his/her bandwidth for other important services.

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santosh March 15, 2010

doesnt showing oder websites here ll decrease your hits…..??

    Sidharth March 16, 2010

    It’s about helping people.. pointing them to the right material. Doesn’t matter if there’s an external link.. if they find the article useful, they are bound to come back!

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