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The Palm Centro is one of those dying cell phones that still has a large development arena on. There are many such applications that deserve special mention and many that I use everyday. All of these applications are completely free and no-frills attached!

Here are a few that I use everyday – these are the best Palm Centro applications:

Facebook for Palm Centro


This free offering from Palm inc. makes using Facebook a breeze. The social network’s premier software on the Palm Centro is complete with status updating and wall-posting services, meaning whenever you have GPRS or EDGE services activated on your Palm Centro Smartphone, you can use Facebook for Palm Centro to access your entire friend-list on the go, update your status, look at other people’s status and even post on your friends’ walls! Also included is personal messaging, and commenting on photos too!

This version also includes uploading pictures straight from your Pics & Videos application on the Palm – no more MMS-ing the pictures! Just select the album, and the program will optimise the picture for uploading!

Plucker Centro App

Plucker is an palm eBook reader that is open source and completely free. It also doubles up as an HTML reader for offline websites, complete with pictures and formatting. The images can be clicked, panned and zoomed into, while the fonts can be changed and sizes can be manipulated.

This software is so feature-rich that there is no scope for explaining everything here – and it is hard to believe that it’s a completely free app! But it is one of the best Palm Centro applications. Project Gutenberg, the free eBook site offers downloads exclusively on the Plucker form for Palm OS cell phones.

  • Download: Plucker viewer and enjoy e-books like you have never read before!

Gizmo Project Chat Client

Gizmo-for-PalmAre you addicted to chatting? Do you spend every moment online using Instant Messenger services such as Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger etc? Do you feel powerless with your Palm Centro when you are not at your desk?  Fear not, for there is a free application to suit your needs! The Gizmo5 Mobile client allows you to talk to all your friends and relatives if they are logged online.

There is a simple registration that is free, and then you can download the client for absolutely amazing chatting for hours and hours with your QWERTY keyboard! Supports AIM, Jabber, Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN and iChat.

Attention Grabber Application

attention_grabber_palmThis tiny application is one of the best because it makes sure your attention is grabbed for any notification. By buzzing periodically, vibrating at specific intervals or even turning on the LED on your cell phone to a permanent green color, Attention grabber application deserves its credit as one of the best freeware Palm Centro applications. You can even set when and where it should light up and do whatever it does! Completely customizable and highly feature-rich!

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Ariel August 23, 2009

Great post! I am always looking for cool apps for my Centro, the Gizmo one is awesome 🙂
Thanks a lot, and keep posting about Palm OS apps

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