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I’ve already mentioned about Filehippo website which provides all the latest and old version softwares for download. Now, if you have few old version application on your system or you don’t know if there are any updated version available for the software then check out “file hippo update checker”.

File Hippo Update checker is a very small program (size: 155kb) that hardly takes couple of seconds for the installation. Once you have this installed, it will automatically check for latest software update by scanning your system.


When I did a test run, it showed me all 11 software updates and 2 beta updates that were available for download. Pretty useful utility as it provides the version information and the download link for the freeware softwares at the same place. Are your software versions updated 😉

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Harsh Agrawal September 25, 2009

I have always been a big fan of this small but very useful application.. It helps me to keep track of all the updates at one go….

Sidharth September 10, 2009

@Paloma – there are many FREE antivirus you can download. Here is one list made recently hope this helps.

And congrats on the laptop purchase 🙂

Paloma August 28, 2009

i just bought a laptop /notebook…and i just wana know wats the best ANTIVIRUS file that i can download?..of course it shud be for free..hehe please help.. thnk u 😉

raghu ck August 27, 2009

yeah filehippo is good one. I have been updating my pc always from it since 4 yrs…

velmurugan August 25, 2009

nice software

Sidharth July 27, 2009

@Gor – I haven’t used Secunia yet, maybe I have missed it (Will check it out) but YES, Filehippo checks for software updates!

Gor July 27, 2009

Isn’t this kinda same software like Secunia?

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