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If you are struggling to find a good free Mp3 player then try out KD player, it is one of the free and perhaps the best mp3 player available for Mobile phones such as Nokia,Motorola and Sony Ericsson.The best part of KD player is the support of various music extension including MP3, Wav and Wma format.


Developed by Russian (by Knyzhov Dmitry and hence the name “KD”) the KD player works smoothly with a neat interface that doesn’t obstruct with other applications on your cell phone.The features of KD player includes creating & saving playlist files,kd player themes i.e, you can create skins and customize your KD player with super cool themes!

KD Player Mobile version Supports

Sony Ericsson

Almost all the Sony ericsson handsets supports KD player including the walkman series as well as the K series ( K510, K610, K750..) P Series (P1, P990..) KD player also fetches album image file for the corresponding song!

Nokia Cell phones

Nokia E series (E65, E70, E90..) and also N series including N71, N72, N73 and so on..

Some more Mobile phones which supports this mp3 player are Motorola, Benq Siemens and Samsung (D720, D730, E200).After a lot of user request, the latest KD player (0.9.6) includes equalizer feature which makes KD player one of the best mp3 player available .Here are the links to download KD player for different mobile resolution.

KD Player 240×320 resolution – Download

KD Player 208×208 resolution – Download

KD Player 176×220 resolution – Download

KD Player 128×160 resolution – Download

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