Droid X Versus iPhone 4: Droid X Payback time with No Jacket Required Ad!

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

The game of one-upmanship between Motorola and Apple just got more intense than ever. This, thanks to the latest Motorola advertisement proclaiming that the Droid X is able to make calls without a ‘bulky phone jacket’- a direct dig at Apple’s much publicized solution for the iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’.

When the problems with the iPhone 4 antenna had first come to light, it was Motorola which made a cheeky ad claiming that the Droid X can be held ‘any way you like’ without causing a drop in the signal. Soon after, Apple hit back with a video on its website clearly demonstrating that the iPhone 4 is not the only device to suffer from ‘death grip’ blues.

Along with a few other mobile devices Apple highlighted in the video that even the Droid X suffers from signal issues if held in certain ways (the death grip), particularly in the right hand.

Motorola Droid X and Death grip

But it has to be said that such claims were baseless, because various tech tests done so far have not been able to find a ‘death grip’ for the Droid X. and if such damning evidence wasn’t enough, now there is this bold new ad by Motorola that should silence Apple’s iPhone 4 propaganda machinery once and for all.

The new ad highlights the words ‘no jacket required’ which refers to Apple’s ‘solution’ of the iPhone 4 antenna problem by distributing free cases or jackets for the phone. Motorola further goes on to say that with 30 years of expertise in manufacturing mobile devices, it has perfected the art of building a great antenna for phones.


And it is also pointed out that the Droid X has dual antenna design, which enables you to make crystal clear calls without worrying about how to hold the phone. The coup de grace undoubtedly comes with a statement that Motorola does not believe that customers need to ‘dress up’ their phone in order to make it work properly.

It will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to this, because for all their PR expertise, dragging other brands into the muddle to make a case for the antenna problem was never a right decision.

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