Greasmemonkey User Script addon support for Google chrome browser

By Sidharth | Features

Though we were hinted about Greasemonkey supporting chrome, an official statement from Aaron (Creator of Greasemonkey script) about the Greasemonkey script on Google chrome was finally raised few days ago. A preview on the future Greasmonkey enabled Chrome, in the form of Chromium limited userscript, will be available for download very soon.

Greasemonkey is one of the popular Firefox addon that makes adding JavaScript easier. This extension was previously unavailable on Google Chrome browser. Although Chrome users can still get the Greasemonkey bookmarklets and Greasemetal addon for installing userscripts, it still makes us want more — and Greasemonkey extension is just what we want. But there are some converted userscripts available on our post titled “useful Chrome bookmarklets” that you want to check it out while you wait for Aaron to release the addon.

You can still download the Chromium Greasemonkey limited version from the link given above. After downloading the mini-installer or other setup file, finish the installation by appending this line –enable-greasemonkey to Chromium which can be done by right clicking on the shortcut icon –> Properties –> Target field.

Update September 12th, 2012: A new and popular extension called Tampermonkey is available on Chrome’s web store. You may want to download Tampermoneky on Chrome to add news scripts, edit them and manager all your userscripts stored on your Chrome browser.

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