IE Spell Check addon? Free Spell Checker for Internet Explorer Browsers

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A spell checking addon is going to improve your conversation online. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or simply writing down words in a text box, it’s always good to know the spelling mistakes involved in your writing, and how to correct them.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and 9 users have an inbuilt addon support just like Mozilla Firefox.

There are already many IE rendering browsers such as Slim browser that support many addons & extensions, but if you are using Internet Explorer right now, then you are restricted to use only addons compatible with IE. There are spell checking addons like IE Spell but they are, unfortunately, not free to use. There are event commercial utilities for checking grammar but you are required to purchase a license for using such products. What’s the best solution? If you are searching for a good  spell check addon for your browser, I have something that’s useful and totally free.


The free spell check software I am talking about comes from Google — it’s none other than the “Google Toolbar.” Most of you must be familiar with Google Toolbar addon which is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox browser. This thing also comes with a spell checking tool to check pages for grammatical errors and point them out.

Google toolbar also provides grammar check and online spelling suggestions in the toolbar. Just press the Spell checker button whenever you want to spell check  he entire webpage or the filled form (this feature is not available in many of the paid spell checkers I have seen).

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Humphery Pufferton April 4, 2011

I have such a hate/love relationship with google toolbar. It installs “Google Update,” which stays runing even when your browser is closed and installs spyware, but it’s features are sooo nice to use. I like the spellchecker in multiple languages especially. Does anyone know another multi-language spellchecker for IE?

Ick November 30, 2010

What a terrible suggestion!! Why is this the first search result?! Toolbars are TERRIBLE. Waste space (who needs that sitting up there with its advertising for Google?!), and who knows what else they might be tracking on your computer.

Mike June 23, 2010

I have the google toolbar, and the features are fantastic. However, like the first commenter, I agree that it isn’t for those who want to keep their surfing private. Google will keep your browsing history – forever, using it to sell your likes and dislikes to any spammer who’s willing to pay for the list. The toolbar has an auto-fill feature. I filled out the name and address portion, but wouldn’t recommend you fill in the credit card area.

My surfing agenda today is to find a toolbar that will have many of the features that Google’ toolbar has but is completely client based. One of the reasons is that the toolbar will suddenly decide it’s time for an update. The updates will completely take over your CPU. Not sure what it is doing, but your computer’s performance will drop to nothing and you either kill your browser to reclaim your machine’s power, or wait until it is done.

In my opinion, Google has become another eight-legged, two-headed monster of the software world. They’ll ensnare you with very cool, completely free products, but then take over your computer, invading your privacy, albeit innocuously, and ruin your computer’s performance. There are a number of freeware spell-checker toolbars on the net; written by folks who just didn’t like the other options. Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Lycos them and enjoy the freedom of utility without intervention.

Vasile March 25, 2010

Be aware about the Google’s anti-policy regarding personal privacy.
Do not install Google toolbar no matter how interesting it may be.
More than this, block Google cookies and Javascript for any Google site.

Colin March 19, 2010

I’m sure there is an add on from iespell you can get

Sheldon March 17, 2010

i have to concur – 30+ years in the computer industry – a waste of CPU and MEMORY resources as well as allowing GGOLE access to what ever you spell check – Theft at best and esbianage at worst – see I need a speel checker and I could have googled that word to check it’s spelling – I may just start using firefox because I really don’t spell will sometims.

NOT YOUR BITCH FOOL February 28, 2010

What’s everyone bitching about? He got his endorsement money.

Anyone who installs any “FREE” software is nothing more than Sheep


CGD February 26, 2010

With the lack of spell checker Microsoft hunt us over to Firefox. Please Microsoft, do something I do miss IE8!!

Steve February 17, 2010

No THANKS!! I highly advise NOT to install any “toolbar” on your web browser.. There has got to be a better solution. Why does Firefox have it and the worlds largest web browser (Internet Exploder) NOT have it???

BUDDA October 1, 2009

Just crossed over this. Very interesting.

lol August 28, 2009

Yeah… right — “genuine spyware free program from Google” — Google makes money from selling information about what YOU do; by definition ANYTHING Google has is SPYWARE… I certainly hope you didn’t think it was really “free”.

Benevolent Dictator July 29, 2009

Um, no Sid. Keep drinking that kool-aid tho. It’s still spyware, even if they tell you up front that they’re going to spy on you in their EULA, and that it’s the hidden cost you agree to in using their tools. Google supports ALL of it’s “free” tools by requiring you to provide them with the data you’re using through the tool. Nothing’s free boy, and only ignorant folks think there’s a free lunch out there. Particularly from a company that has the stated goal of owning the world’s data – including yours, through the ‘free’ tools that they’ve handily provided you with to give it to them. No thank you.

aldo July 20, 2009

I’m not installing spyware. Lol.

    Sidharth July 20, 2009

    @aldo – Hey, it’s Google toolbar – A genuine spyware free program from Google 😀 Makes spell checking on IE easier..

Billy Pumphrey June 2, 2009

Indeed, no way.

    Observer April 10, 2010

    I am still using the spell checker in Windows 7 that I began to use waaay back when with XP. It worked with Vista too.

    works great! even takes you too Merriam Webster’s site.

Brian April 18, 2009

No thanks!

I avoid Googly and Yahoo toolbars like the plague!

Nicholas February 2, 2009

cool Tips, Thanks for sharing

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