IE Spell Check addon? Free Spell Checker for Internet Explorer Browsers

By Sidharth | Features

A spell checking addon is going to improve your conversation online. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or simply writing down words in a text box, it’s always good to know the spelling mistakes involved in your writing, and how to correct them.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and 9 users have an inbuilt addon support just like Mozilla Firefox.

There are already many IE rendering browsers such as Slim browser that support many addons & extensions, but if you are using Internet Explorer right now, then you are restricted to use only addons compatible with IE. There are spell checking addons like IE Spell but they are, unfortunately, not free to use. There are event commercial utilities for checking grammar but you are required to purchase a license for using such products. What’s the best solution? If you are searching for a good  spell check addon for your browser, I have something that’s useful and totally free.


The free spell check software I am talking about comes from Google — it’s none other than the “Google Toolbar.” Most of you must be familiar with Google Toolbar addon which is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox browser. This thing also comes with a spell checking tool to check pages for grammatical errors and point them out.

Google toolbar also provides grammar check and online spelling suggestions in the toolbar. Just press the Spell checker button whenever you want to spell check  he entire webpage or the filled form (this feature is not available in many of the paid spell checkers I have seen).

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