Merge Mp3 using Freeware Mp3 Merger tool

By Sidharth | Features

With tons of software’s and utility releasing everyday, it becomes difficult to find out the right software at the right time. Some of the commercial software comes with trial demo features whereas some freeware software achieves the task instantly and for free. Thanking the developer, here is another useful tool that will help organizing and merging your mp3 music. The tool doesn’t remix the song, but merges MP3 files one by one. If you have mp3 file split in different parts, then you can join, combine them using Mp3 merger.

For others, who are not interested in creating playlist, can merge mp3 files together and listen to them simultaneously as a single mp3 file.


Add as many mp3 files you would like to merge and choose the output filename. You can also include ID3 tag and burn the songs onto a CD, preview the mp3 song before merging and so on.. This is a full version freeware, with unlimited mp3 merging feature and simple to use interface which is a really useful tool.

Download Merge mp3 tool

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