Motorola Backflip SmartPhone: Features and Specifications

By Kaushik | Cell Phones

Motorola has always been known for its cutting edge phones which are not only sleek lookers but performers as well. With the Backflip Motorola has surpassed itself by putting out a truly unique looking device.

The device features a full QWERTY keyboard and the uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that the keyboard is rear facing and swivels a complete 180 degrees around a hinge to come rest underneath the screen when open.

The phone features a 3.1 inch capacitive touchscreen which is very responsive. There is no pinch to zoom facility but tapping twice on the screen zooms in on the spot. The keyboard features extremely tactile keys which are very well spaced.

Typing on the device is a breeze on the flip out keyboard. Also behind the display Motorola has added a Backtrack navigation pad. It is essentially a trackpad and works like one helping in moving between homescreens and scrolling through photos, files etc.

The idea in having the Backtrack behind the display is to give an unobstructed view of it at all times. Even though it’s a tad awkwardly placed and needs some getting used to, it does its stated job and is quite successful at it.

Performance wise the Motorola Backflip is a bit sluggish and has some performance issues. The aging Android 1.5 OS that it runs on doesn’t help. The phone has quite a noticeable lag upon opening and closing the device too. The features do match up to most phones in the same range but doesn’t quite compete with other Android devices.

The phone has a 5 mega-pixel camera which is neatly tucked away at the side of the keyboard. The memory is expandable up to 64GB with the help of micro SD cards. Also present in the device is Motoblur which merges contacts from various email accounts and social networking sites in one master list.

The design — which is the strong point of the device — could also prove to be a letdown in the long run. Since the keyboard is exposed at the back of the device it is exposed to wear and tear and might suffer damages in the long run. But that can only be seen in the long run.

All in all, Motorola Backflip SmartPhone is an uniquely designed device which definitely stands out among the run of the mill cellphones of today but it will let you down if you expect too much out of the device performance wise. If you want a phone purely for the look factor this is the device for you, however if performance is a factor to you, then you might as well let this one pass.

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