New Motorola Android Tablet Images Leaked Out

By AustinP | Android

The Motorola Android Tablet has been creating a lot of ruckus in the digital world where gadget aficionados are patiently waiting for any news that they can feast their eyes on. Andy Rubin of Motorola may not be the only man who has a few snapshots of the tablet as sources reveal that some of the latest images of the handheld tend to be coming from Taiwan.

Earlier this week, one lucky chap from Taiwan stumbled upon a few highly classified images of the Motorola Android Tab that explains more than what we ever hoped for.

The leaked images of the Moto Tab show a honeycomb screen that fits seamlessly on a 7 inch multi touch display. This however tends to rubbish out rumors that the tablet was first designed to be a 10 inch unit. The rest seems to be on par with industry standard specifications where the tablet offers a resolutions of 1280×800 and is fitted with a Tegra NVIDIA display adapter.

As reported by Engadget, it contains a dual core processor, gyroscope and two cameras – front and back. It also is fitted with a 32GB embedded MMC which is also expandable with the help of a MicroSD slot.

The images leaked out by the Taiwanese poster states that the tablet is comparatively lighter in weight to the many other ones in the market and feature wise needs some ‘tuning’. With regard to pricing details, no official word has been released by Motorola but one can surely expect it to be on the range with their high end phone flavors.

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