The Windows Phone 7 Features At Glance

By Kaushik | Cell Phones

If you’re a Windows Mobile loyalist you must be eagerly waiting for the launch of the next generation Windows Phone 7 with which Microsoft plans to recapture its steadily declining market share.

Microsoft is definitely going all out with this new version of Windows Mobile (though it is now called Windows Phone). And the release date has finally been confirmed and it is the 11th of October. So if you haven’t been keeping a tab on Microsoft’s crazy marketing surrounding the device read on to discover what Windows 7 on phone is all about.

From the early press releases and the emulators available online for web developers, it seems that Microsoft has ditched its old Windows Mobile 6 platform completely and has developed & for phone from scratch.

Features of Windows 7 Phone

Everything from the design to the interface to the performance level is brand new and Microsoft is claiming that this would be one of the best mobile OS’ around. Many carriers are jumping on to the platform already with companies like Samsung, HTC, LG, Dell all announcing Windows 7 phones. HTC has even launched a handset the Modrian which is the same handset seen in the company’s advertisements for the new Operating System.

The Windows7 phone looks good and the interface looks minimal and appealing. Early reviewers have even gone to say that the software’s touch responsiveness and speed is the closest to Apple iOS4. The start button is gone and is replaced by a set of vertical tiles that can be customized according to user needs. The problem is that the OS doesn’t feature multitasking of third party apps and a basic function like copy and paste is not implemented. But it is expected that Microsoft will take care of these problems before the final launch.

Another thing that the OS changes is the whole contacts section. The device instead of contacts features a People’s app which is a dedicated all in one social networking platform that syncs all your friends’ info on the device. The emailing client and the browser are top notch and deliver everything expected of a smart phone.

The OS comes with its dedicated apps store ala Android and the iOS4 called the marketplace. Apps are being developed as we speak and it is supposed to be on par with the other app stores by the time of the device’s launch. Microsoft is relying on the OS to market its other products as well and features heavy integration with X-Box Live and Zune which to be fair works.

So there’s Windows Phone 7 at a glance. What power the OS really holds remains to be seen upon its launch. And with just a few more days to go let’s wait and watch.

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