Find Bluetooth Signal Strength on Mac OS X Lion

By Sidharth | Apple

Finding out the Bluetooth signal strength of the devices connected to your Mac is helpful in many ways.

For example, you’ve decided to sit a few meters away from your iMac, then the signal strength of Bluetooth will sort out the mess of knowing whether the Magic Mouse and the Keyboard can establish a connection with your system or not.

Also, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users can find out the responsiveness of their Magic Trackpad by knowing the strength of the Bluetooth connection.

Mac OS Bluetooth

If your machine is running the Mac OS X Lion, then it’s easier to find out the signal strength of Bluetooth-connected devices. No need to use an app or widget. There’s no script to execute.

To know the signal strength of your device, follow these steps:

  • Go to System Preference and look for the Bluetooth icon.
  • Select the device which is already connected to your machine.
  • Now press the Option Key from your Keyboard.

This should invoke a bar graph with numbers showing the current strength of Bluetooth signal. As far as I know, -50 indicates a very good Bluetooth connection while -80 is a sign of weak Bluetooth signal.

You can also click on the settings and select Monitor Connection RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator), and a window pops up with a graph displaying the signal strength in real-time.

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