Change Mp3 Bitrate With Mp3 Quality Modifier Freeware

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One easy way to transfer lots of mp3’s on your memory card, pen drive or hard disk is by compressing the file size. There are a lot of pros and cons of reducing mp3 files, like by compressing your mp3 files you’ll be able to reduce the file size and save some hard disk space but this can lead to loss of Mp3 quality too.

If you are not worried about the low output quality and want to reduce the size to half then change the bitrate. And here is one excellent tool that will help you achieve the changed bitrate output in couple of seconds. MP3 quality modifier is an complete freeware with no installation requirement (portable). It is easy to manage, convert bitrate of your mp3 files with the same tags.


The software from Inspire soft is free and portable bitrate converter where you’ve to drag and drop your files for instant mp3 quality change. Here is the small 33 second clip. Download Mp3 Modifier

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CrizzKO January 23, 2011

This program works until a devastating bug cripples the program no-longer allowing you to convert the bitrate.

Would recommend since it worked for a few months.

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