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Building a PC, we have heard of it. Some of us have already accomplished that feat. That’s easy, yes! But can we build a custom iMac that is not only usable but also cheap? I mean, really cheap.

Ghetto Mac, a WordPress blog, has decided to build an iMac costing less than $700 — $663 to be precise. The idea is to use Mac mini, buy some accessories and plug them to the monitor.

Now the idea of converting a Mac Mini to an iMac does sound silly, and you shouldn’t expect a really powerful machine at the end of this. However, if are craving for a custom iMac, this seems to be an easy, yet silly, way to do it. Of course another way is to Hackintosh your PC.

Build Custom iMac From Scratch

iMac custom built

Here is the list of accessories you need. To make things easier for you, I’ve linked each product to Before you proceed any further, check out the detailed steps on Ghetto iMac blog to make sure that you can afford the time and money to create your own custom iMac.

Accessories Required:


Note: If you are a student, and if you can afford to spend several hundreds of dollars, then you can always go with the discounted students-only iMac, which is officially available for $999.

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