Convert FLAC to ALAC on Mac With XLD Audio Converter and Decoder

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If you have a vast collection of .FLAC audio library that you’d like to convert to .ALAC format for iTunes, iPhone, or iPod Touch, then XLD is just the perfect tool you need for your Mac computer.

FLAC to ALAC Converter

As you know, FLAC file is a Free Lossless Audio Codec while ALAC is Apple’s answer to FLAC.

Convert .FLAC into .ALAC File Format

XLD is an advanced audio decoder that rips CDs to any format, converts music from .FLAC to .ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), or FLAC to Apple Lossless, APE, WAV, Lame MP3 format, etc.

The best part? XLD can convert almost any audio file without reducing the quality of the sound.

Now to convert FLAC files into ALAC is painlessly easy with the X Lossless Decoder utility. Select the folder where the .FLAC files reside, and from the Preference select the desired output format — Apple Lossless, in our case.

Whether you want to rip CD’s tracks to .FLAC format and later convert it into .ALAC, XLD can effortlessly, in a couple of minutes, convert the file to Apple Lossless data with the .m4a file extension.

You can also click on Get Metadata, and the app will pull all the track names with the album art.

Download XLD For Mac OS

XLD just gets better with every update. The latest version of this fantastic tool offers a glut of rich features for your music-converting needs and much more for the price that could leave you in awe — yes, it’s absolutely free!

XLD works flawlessly on Intel Macs bundled with Snow Leopard and OS X Lion.

Download XLD.


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