Convert Images JPG, BMP, TIFF To PDF, EPS Format

By Sidharth | How-to

How many of you want to convert images to other format? Like, let’s say PDF format? 

Converting images like JPG, BMP and TIFF into PDF or EPS format is fairly easy, given that you use online-based converters like the one I will mention here. Why online? It’s free, no need to download any software, and it’s instant. Desktop converters, both on Mac and Windows, are useful if you are converting pictures to other formats regularly.

An online converter is best if you have constant access to the Internet.

With Go2convert you can read and convert images into 100 different extensions. If you have an image in JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TiFF format, and want to convert them in Adobe PDF or EPS (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript) format (or the other way around), then go2convert is for you, it’s really simple to use.


Select your image file– make sure they are under 5mb (you can make use of batch photo softwares to reduce images size) — choose the output format such as PDF, EPS, EPI, or anything from the huge list of formats. Wait for the tool to process & convert the image. Download! 😉

Simple, isn’t it? I use this tool for editing XPS — this is done by converting image to PDF, then PDF is exported to XPS.

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