Disable the Annoying Autocorrect Feature on Mac OS X Lion

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You are blistering past 100 words per minute on Mac’s TextEdit. And, as you accelerate your typing speed, you’ll find a great deal of words underlined or entirely altered. Some of the words were automatically corrected and replaced with an entirely different word by TextEdit.

Even though these words may be obvious to you and others around, but for Mac’s TextEdit app, they are absolutely incorrect. Hence, unknown words are instantly changed to widely known, familiar words.

Autocorrect textedit

In TextEdit, by default, your words are corrected automatically. Even Safari browser embraces this trait. So how do you disable this feature, anyway?

Disabling Autocorrect of Words in Text Document on OS X Lion

Turn off autocorrect in TextEdit: To turn off autocorrect or disable it completely, head over to System Preference, then click on Language & Text icon. On the top of this window, you’ll find various options including Language, Text, Format and Input Sources. Click on Text.

Now un-check the option that says “Correct spelling automatically.” Close System Preference. You don’t have to worry anymore of words automatically replaced with newer ones as you type in on TextEdit.

Turn off autocorrect in Safari: To disable autocorrect in your Safari browser on your Mac OS X Lion machine, simply launch the browser, go to Edit, Spelling and Grammar and make sure the option Check Spelling Automatically is not ticked.

I wish Apple throws in more features in the next Lion upgrade that can help us Mac users to have a better control over document correction. For now, this is the only convenient and more fitting solution that you can implement to get rid of autocorrect feature forever.

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