Fix Magic Mouse Scrolling Speed on Mac OS X Lion

By Sidharth | Apple

If your iMac’s Magic Mouse is riddled with an issue as you scroll through a webpage, then a simple change in the mouse settings should help you fix the slow scrolling speed.

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple’s multi-touch Magic Mouse bundles seamless swiping, sleek scrolling and adds the power of multi-touch gesture with Apple’s Mac OS X Lion.

However, a lot of Mac users are struggling to keep up with the scrolling speed of their Magic Mouse. Some folks in the Apple Discussion Forum have pointed out that Magic Mouse stops working when they scroll through a large PDF file and its too slow when trying to scroll to the bottom of the webpage.

The issue is not particularly with Magic Mouse but with the mouse settings on Mac OS X Lion.

Change the Scrolling Speed of Magic Mouse

You can change the scrolling speed of your Magic Mouse to reflect positive changes.

The default Mouse option in the System Preference barely features any customizing options. You can’t adjust the scroll speed from here.

However, the Universal Access is in charge of the Magic Mouse settings. Go to System Preference, then click on Universal Access where you’ll be given the ticket to choose the Mouse settings.

Magic Mouse Mac OS X Lion

Select the Mouse tab from the top, then click on Mouse Options which will slip a window down with the following options: Double-Click Speed and Scrolling Speed.

Speed Scrolling Mac OS X Lion

If the scrolling speed is slow, change it to fast. You can also tick Scrolling With Inertia for a smoother browsing experience. That’s it! The changes in the Magic Mouse’s scrolling should be reflected instantly.

Remove Scratches From Magic Mouse.

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