Fix System Error &H8007007E PSP ISO Compressor Error

By Sidharth | Games

PSP ISO compressor, as I’ve already mentioned, is a Freeware PSP software that is used for compressing and uncompressing psp games files.

After downloading PSP ISO compressor software from psp-hacks, I was not able to setup this tool on my XP. Actually, the setup process was smooth on Windows vista but not on the windows XP machine.

Whatever may be the case, if you are finding it hard to make this useful utility work on your system then here is the solution to fix it up and get the software running on your system. The error encountered was:

System Error &H8007007E(-2147024770). The specified module could not be found.

system_errorI researched on the web and added .dll files onto my system32 folder, nothing really worked after numerous attempts. The only solution was to download another copy of PSP ISO Compressor from torrent website.

I know this might not sound like a solution but the other version worked flawlessly and with no other choice in place, this is the only way to deal with the System &H8007007E Error. I got this copy from torrent website, and I’ve re-uploaded them on other file hosting services. Do let me know if you find any difficulty in downloading them..

Mediafire | Megaupload | Gigasize

Note: This app. is useful only for custom firmware installed psp device.

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