Gmail Signature – Assign your Location

By Sidharth | Google

Adding signature after every email you have sent is possible through Gmail. There’s a text box where you can add signature, but this feature has been enhanced. Now, you can also add your current location along with your signature.

This means that the receiver will receive your email, signature at the end, and your current location. This is a one-time option, which means once selected, all the emails you will send will include the location. Assigning location requires you to activate the “Location in signature” feature. To do this, login to your Gmail account, go to Settings and under the labs tab you will find “Location in signature” options. Enable this option and save the changes. Then, visit the General tab in Gmail to add your signature. You have to now check the box “Append your location to the signature.”

By the way, although this is off topic, but you can do all the above process by using Gmail’s shortcut keys.


Location in Signature is still in experimental stage but after testing this out, sending emails to a few friends, they have reported that my address was clearly located through Google Maps. I’d recommend you to add your own custom email signatures and then enable the location option on Gmail.

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