Where is Google Search Tool in Safari?

By Sidharth | Apple

Unable to Find the Google Searching Box?

Located on the top-right corner of every browser is a search box, where we type anything we want and get the results. However, there’s a unique problem with Safari browser. Those who have upgraded Safari to its newest version are not able to find the Google search bar. So where did the box go? Where is it exactly located? Or did Apple permanently remove the search box in the latest version of the browser?

Breath a sign of relief as the Google search tool is not deleted or removed from your Safari browser. It’s still here, but hidden from untrained eyes.

Previously, Google search box would appear next to the address bar. But Safari 6.0 version has brought a change, putting both address box and Google search box together. The Google search box is not hidden — it’s more seamlessly “integrated.” In other words, we have only one rectangle box where we can type a website’s address or simply search Google.

Unified Searching on Safari

“Search Google or enter an address” message appearing in Safari browser.

This one-box-for-all feature was already available in Google Chrome, and it’s good to see Apple bringing this feature in Safari 6.0.

I first noticed these changes after upgrading to Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

Examples: Searching on Safari

Typing a URL in the new Safari bar directs me to a website/webpage:

website on Safari Browser

Typing a query in the new Safari bar directs me to Google Search:

Searching Google on Safari Browser

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