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In this short guide, we will skim through the benefits of Growl, how to download Growl, its compatibility with Mac OS X Lion, and how to setup and install Growl on your Mac machine.

Growl is a popular system-wide notification app for Mac OS X which has been around for quite a while.

New Mac users unfamiliar with Growl — this is an app that notifies you of the changes taking place in your Mac system. For example, whenever an MP3 file has finished downloading, Growl will pop up a translucent window notifying you that the file has been downloaded.

Growl Screenshot

Similarly, if you’ve any ongoing Dropbox activity on your desktop — uploading a file, for example — then Growl app pops up a window exposing the changes.

Messages received on instant messaging clients like Adium, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Trillian, etc. are notified, too. Growl supports hundreds of application in dozens of categories.

Download Growl For Mac

Whether you own an iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, Growl works on any machine running Snow Leopard and/or OS X Lion.

There are two versions of Growl app available. The latest version cropped up a couple of days ago in the Mac App Store is available for a price. Pay $1.99 and you’ll have a lifetime access to Growl 1.3; however, Growl 1.3 only works with Mac’s running OS X Lion.

The Growl free version is also available, and, strangely enough, there’s no¬†noteworthy difference between the paid and the free version of Growl. Actually, free version gets a plus for it is also compatible with Snow Leopard and OS X Lion.

If you’re ready to spend $1.99, and your Mac is running OS X Lion, you can go ahead and purchase Growl 1.3. However, if you want to test the app, or you don’t really want to spend money on Growl, then that’s okay — the free version of Growl does pretty much everything you need.

Direct link to download Growl 1.2.2.

How to setup and install Growl on Mac OS

After you’ve downloaded the .DMG file of Growl, open the file and double-click the .PKG file to install.

Mac install Package

A Growl installer window will then take you through the installation process.

Installation Growl Mac

Growl Mac Install

Screenshot Growl Mac OS X Lion

To open Growl, go to System Preference and look for the Growl icon. Click on the icon to configure the settings. You can also check Start Growl at login if you want Growl to run in the background every time you boot up your Mac.

To configure Growl, open Growl from System Preference and click on Applications tab which lists the Growl-supported applications. Choose any one of the app, click the configure button to make changes.

For example, uTorrent was picked up by Growl in its Application tab, which was pre-configured as shown:

Screenshot Growl

You can also change how the notifications appear by navigating to Display Options. You can change the notification style, pep them up with new skins, and do a lot more with ease.

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