How to Backup Firefox 3 browser Passwords and Profiles easily

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We all surfers know and have used Firefox browser. Or, at least heard of it.

Firefox is a reliable Internet browser ruling the browser market — don’t believe me? The fact that Mozilla Firefox have recently registered there name in the Guinness record should speak for itself.

Now, if you are Firefox browser and want to reinstall it once again, then a backup is necessary, because having your passwords, settings and profiles backed up will avoid the hassle of starting everything from a scratch.

Why backup?

Because if you backup the data then you can import the data again to the newly installed Firefox. There are couple of reasons why backing up data is useful, and I’ll leave that for you to discuss, but now, lets look at how to backup browser details so that you can use it whenever you need.

Backup/ Export Firefox passwords

This firefox addons backs up the saved passwords of your Firefox browser. It allows you to export your saved passwords in a file, which, as they like to call it, is Password Exporter.

Firefox Password Exporter

Your login details will be exported to an XML (Extensible Markup Language) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. After fresh installation of the browser, you can import the files to the new browser and there you have it, the browser just as good as your old Firefox.

Download Password Exporter From

Backup Firefox Profiles: Bookmarks, History, Contacts

MozBackup is another nifty tool that does a great job in backing up your browser details. With this tool, one can not only backup Mozilla Firefox settings but also Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird and Netscape profiles can be saved and restored with a click of a button.


Mozbackup allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions and many other settings.

Using Moz backup is fairly easy; launch the application, and the windows dialog box will guide you through the rest of the steps, which is nothing but asking for backing up the bookmarks, contacts, etc.

Download Mozbackup Firefox utility

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Aperd1 January 6, 2010

wow that owould be easy when working with mozilla firefox but after back how to restore using mozbackup?

Davis Tan April 27, 2009

Try out XMarks (formerly known as FoxMarks). It can sync and backup bookmarks and passwords to a server.

Steve December 5, 2008

After wasting a lot of time with MozBackup (it has a bug and would not restore), I finally saved a copy of my “original” profile on a USB drive, copied it into Firefox profiles folder (Start, Run %appdata%, Mozilla, Firefox, Profiles), then used Profile Manager to create a new profile, then went back into the profiles folder, moved the new default profile to the desktop, and renamed the “original” profile with the same file name as the new one that went to the desktop. Open Profile Manager again and select the renamed “original” and started Firefox. Got an error message about registering Chrome, but then Firefox opened with all my old settings!

Sidharth October 13, 2008

@Diamonds – You can try this method to uninstall addons-extensions manually

Diamonds October 12, 2008

How do you backup manually? Sorry, but I don’t trust 3rd party programs with my passwords.

Madhur Kapoor August 14, 2008

Wish i had known about these before i formatted my computer. I tried copying the Profile Folder which was in the Application Data directory but it didn’t work.

MOin August 13, 2008

thats a nice post i like doing backups we never know when the monsters are free =/

Mayur August 12, 2008

A very nice utility 😀

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