How to find Lost license Serial number Or Product key of Softwares

Lost your Microsoft windows licensed Product key or serial key number of your purchased software ? Often most of the high quality softwares or products comes with a unique product keys which assures that it was legally purchased and cannot be distributed,resold or cracked.Usually the Product Key number will be labeled behind the CD base of your Legally purchased software but if you have lost the Cd case then make use of License crawler which finds the licensed product key or the serial number very quickly.

License Crawler is a freeware small portable exe software which does a indepth crawling into your localhost for finding all the keys,serial number & Product ID or any legal software which is installed in your system.License crawler does a quick scan of different Windows registry files to retrieve those licensed product ID digits and serial numbers.

I have used licensed crawler software and it extracted more than 5 serial key numbers of original softwares within couple of seconds quite easily.License crawler works with Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest free version can be downloaded (license crawler 0.0.37) from here

Alternate link – Download from Rapidshare or Mediafire

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    @Rider – This post will help you find your serial key and doesn’t deal with serial number,cracking keys of sofwares..

    For finding your Windows Vista or Windows XP key check this out –

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  • Pavan Kumar

    Seems good, but I guess that becomes illegal if you extract serial number of your OS if the owner is your dealer [who has multiple user license] and you have no rights on that.