Make Firefox Compatible (3.5) With Older Addons

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I am sure this post will be useful for all the people who are looking for a easy solution to use incompatible addons on latest Firefox browser. From time to time, Mozilla keeps on updating Firefox to the latest version fixing all the memory leaks, vulnerabilities and other security loopholes.

While the Firefox updates are always recommended but this can cause certain addons extension to be incompatible i.e, they do not work with Firefox anymore. So how to make firefox compatible so that it can integrate such older addons?


Thanks to Techpavan I’ve found the solution to make incompatible addon to be compatible using firefox config, though I highly recommend you to wait for the addon update as this method can cause other unknown errors with Firefox (though I haven’t faced any issues yet). Also make sure you follow the steps clearly and have a backup incase anything goes wrong.

Make Addons Compatible on Firefox

Firstly, type about:config in your address bar of Firefox browser and hit enter, you will be asked not to play with it deliberately (I’ll be careful, I promise). Once you enter the about:config, right click anywhere on the screen and click on New –> Boolean, then name the Boolean as checkCompatibility – make it false in the next step.

Similarly make another Boolean by using right click, New –> Boolean and name this one as checkUpdateSecurity, again choose false term for this.


Restart the Firefox browser, choose the incompatible extension you always wanted to download (it was oldbar addon for me). Install it and restart the Firefox browser once again, it works. Check out the screenshot (Firefox 3.5) 😉


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Ramesh Budhathoki July 29, 2009

^and that is really easier than going through all this.
Nice post anyways.

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