Quickly Search Files In Vista and Windows 7

By Sidharth | How-to

Here is a simple light tool to make a quick file search in Windows Vista, newly released Windows 7 and also on XP platform called Everything. How many times are you working on a slow computer and cannot search the specific file. For this reason we make use of default search feature in windows computer which is a resource eater using heavy resources from your system (for slow computer). Therefore the tool Everything developed by Void tools can be utilized that allows you to make a faster search of all the files in your computer.


First Everything software will index all the computer files by scanning your hard disk in a matter of seconds and then you can perform the quick search for files and folders. Moreover the utility is 334kb in size and is a great replacement for any system user having heavily loaded hard disk!

You can download Everything from here

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Örn March 31, 2009

google desktop does the same thing….

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