Easily Block Malwares, Trojans on Mac OS

By Sidharth | Apple

Now you can use OpenDNS to secure your Mac OS from malwares and trojans.

Secure Mac Using OpenDNS

You can eliminate your worries about malwares and trojans that may attack your Mac machine by using OpenDNS, which will automatically block malicious trojans like Flashback forever.

Adding OpenDNS addresses (which is completely free to use) on your Mac Network can be helpful in many ways. For example, apart from restricting access to malicious content, OpenDNS can also stop browser redirects and block inappropriate websites permanently.

Activate OpenDNS With These Simple Steps:

Step 1: Launch System Preference.

Step 2: Go to Network.

System Network on OS X

Step 3: Select the Advanced tab.

mac malware security

Step 4: Go to DNS tab and hit the + button.

Step 5: Add these IP addresses as shown in the screenshot below: and

Mac OS DNS Change

Hit OK. That’s it!

Along with making your Internet faster and more reliable, OpenDNS will also protect your Mac — iMac, MacBook Pro, Air — from future, widespread malwares, trojans or viruses. Even Windows users can use OpenDNS to protect their computers.

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