Split Screen For Effective Surfing on Google Chrome [Extension]

By Sidharth | How-to

chrome_logoWhen Chrome was released, it was lacking the addon support. But, people loved browsing through Google chrome as it actually loads webpages blazing fast. Now, Chrome has addon support and they are catching up with the Firefox add-on community with developers cloning the idea into addon and bringing out new extensions each and everyday!

That being said, we know how effective it gets when you split the browser into two windows and browse the internet. We have a addon that does this on Firefox, and exactly similar addon for Chrome is available too!

With the Google Chrome Split Screen addon (Addon page) you can split chrome into two windows and enjoy surfing the web in a effective way. Suppose you are analyzing the code of a website, or lets say you are waiting for the video to buffer, then you can use split screen and on the other window you could enjoy your normal browsing habits.


With a click on a button, the Split screen extension gets activated. And, to open many more split screens just open a new Google chrome browser every time. The addon is dead simple to use, and does what it says! Pretty useful at times.

Download Split screen

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