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By Jim Roberts | How-to

It can be so easy to say that if your mobile phone is wi-fi capable and can read files then you can do as much on it as you can on a desktop computer, but this really isn’t true, well, not yet anyways. Even if you are using the now famous iPad from Apple, there will still be a lot of things that will be difficult to do unless your mobile is optimized for such tasks.

But of course our favorite developers will not let it stay this way for long. And now, Google has adapted its Google docs for use with devices like the Apple iPhone, Android and even the iPad. It would be safe to say that the previous way that these devices go to Google docs is a bit arduous.  The newest version of Google docs mobile allows you to view doc, docx and even ppt files and pdf on your mobile browser. 


You can also zoom it in for a better view. You can easily read your documents via your mobile phone this way. Although spreadsheets or xls and xlsx files still needs some improvement since there is generally no difference between the previous version and this latest google docs release.

When tested with the newest addition to the Apple’s iPhone series, the iPhone 4, Google docs produced fairly good results. On Android Incredible, it also rated fairly well. The Google docs website also looks good with Android third party browsers like Dolphin HD as well as with the mobile’s default browser.

But unfortunately, Google has optimized its Google docs mobile version for view-only mode and you can’t edit yet. So for now, this more user-friendly version of the Google docs can only be used for reading documents and not for editing, although the company has yet to set a release for a version that will allow user to edit their documents through their mobile phones, many think it won’t be long till Google finally releases a version that will allow this functionality.

For now, you can go to on your mobile browser to be able to view your documents on your mobile phone.

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