Best Prank Calls Made from Cell Phones

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Few weeks ago I had discussed about prank calling websites and some of the ways to make prank funny calls (Hoax calls) to your friends. While browsing through the Wiki I found Internet prank calls have a very little background but everyone is aware of, though Prank Calling a stranger is a risky way but some of the people attempt prank calls for entertaining the people around them.

One of the popular and best prank phone call is Sarah Palin prank which can be found almost everywhere.

Where to find best Prank Calls

Not the Best but you can still find a lot of prank phone calls on the Internet. Make a search on video sharing website such as Youtube, metacafe and you will find a lot of Prank calls made from Cell Phones. Nonetheless I have found some funny prank calls which I have listed below and I believe they are best enough to make you laugh!

[Youtube] Prank Phone Calls

Listen to Prank Phone Calls [Audio]

  • Asian Man Prank Call – (2:27)
  • Mechanic Call – (4:07)
  • Car Salesman phone call – (2:11)
  • Love your Wife Call 😀 – (5:14)

I found all these as the best prank and funny calls made to a stranger phone number. It is really funny and I am sure the stranger must have banged the phone caller 😛 Do make prank calls but not on any stranger phone number!

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Harsh Agrawal March 29, 2009

I like the wife one..the 4th one…

Make similar post and name it as April fool prank or something related to April fool
You will get amazing traffic from Google because of hot trend 🙂

    Sidharth March 30, 2009

    Hehe yea I like the second audio prank call though, April fool is here and people will love doing this kinda stuff 😀

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