Easily Shuffle and Organize Windows Taskbar – Taskbar shuffle

By Sidharth | Ideas

if you are a hardcore Internet user who opens lots of applications,softwares and offline windows products or any browsers for completing a task like designing or other personal work then you surely had some problems in finding/switching the taskbar programs from one end to another.


As the above screenshot suggests,here is a simple application called as Taskbar Shuffle which will enable you to re-arrange the taskbar buttons easily.This means you can re-organize the buttons as you want by using basic drag and drop method.

Shuffling the taskbar from other end to near the Start button helps in switching to the different windows with quite easy. Another useful feature in Taskbar shuffle is that you can close  the application with a single click on the minimized window.This is a small application which consumes less than 1mb of   memory usage.So worth trying!

You also can use Taskbar Shuffle to rearrange the icons which are present on your system tray.Here is a quick glance through the features and usefulness of Taskbar program :

  • Easily reorder the Windows taskbar buttons by dragging and dropping
  • Re organize and re arrange your tray icons.
  • Reorder tasks in a grouped button’s popup menu
  • Middle-click to close programs on your taskbar of windows.
  • Taskbat shuffle works with UltraMon taskbars.
  • Very easily Tweak taskbar button grouping

Though it might sound less useful for some people but if you are using lot of applications and running different programs at the same time then you will know the benefit of having this program!

Download Taskbar Shuffle v2.5 (32-bit)

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