Guide to Remove DVD Scratches and Repair Damaged DVD’s

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scratched_DVD Unexpectedly, your old, but unused collection of DVD movies got damaged just when you organized an get together along with your friends to watch some of the best old movies on your LCD screen? Did you know there are other alternative ways to clean and repair DVD scratches which are the root causes for damaged dvd’s?

Here is an complete guide to help you fix and get rid of those scratches on dvd or cd’s and to repair damaged dvd discs, completely.

How to Remove Scratches from DVD

If you’ve an old collection of cd’s or dvd’s that are not playable on your DVD disc then you can be sure of the problem being related to either the larger proportion of scratches on your dvd or your faulty dvd player.

Firstly, you need to examine if the problem is with the particular dvd disc or with your DVD player. You can come to this conclusion by inserting another playable dvd and see it for yourself. If the dvd plays flawlessly, then you’ve got an working dvd player.

Once you’re sure that the scratches on your dvd’s have been causing such an issue then it’s time to eliminate and remove scratches from your DVD disc now!

Ways to Repair Scratched DVD’s

Metal polish and Furniture Polish Repairs DVD Disc


An exceptional way to remove scratches comes with the use of furniture polish and metal polish. You can attempt this by using brasso which is an metal polish or pledge (an furniture polish) that can completely get rid of the scratches from the dvd, alternately you can give a shot at any standard wood cleaner as well.

Use a soft clean cotton cloth and spread it over the dvd proportionally, wash it off gently with water and once again dry it with an soft cloth.

But do remember that brasso can be corrosive, although their is nothing to lose if you are trying this on an unreadable and damaged DVD disc. An recommended way to fix any damaged dvd that are caused due to the scratches.

The Toothpaste removes scratches from DVD as well

toothpaste_DVD_Cleaning Squeeze e a little bit of toothpaste on the front side of the DVD (the shiny portion) and gently spread it all over the DVD using an soft cloth, keep it aside for around 5 minutes.

Now, place the dvd or cd under the flowing tap water, we are doing this slowly so as to get rid off the dry toothpaste. Once you’re done with this, use an soft clean cloth to dry off the dvd.

When it’s completely dry, place the dvd onto the dvd disc player and magically, it should be working now. Additionally, you will have an minty flavored DVD disc 😉

Other ways to fix damaged DVD Scratches

Surprisingly, holding the dvd in front of the sun light and marking the scratches with an extra fine point silver marker or an pilot brand pen has produced an success result of up to 70%.


Of course, there are other ways such as using rubbing an used chewing Gum over the scratched spot to remove scratches from DVD’s, sometimes they might work on dvd’s that are not brutally infected from those nasty scratches. However, the above solutions I’ve mentioned might well easily work for you!

The popular way to remove scratches from DVD is by applying toothpaste or the polish, although this has been one of the effective ways but for repairing bulk DVD discs that have those detailed cuts on the front side of the DVD, it is recommended to get an DVD scratch remover machine.

Products that are used for Cleaning DVD From Scratches

Like I said, there are tons of ways to remove scratches from a dvd, here are the products that have been tested and used by many for repairing dvd, try this at your own risk. But, I prefer you apply these products on an waste DVD or CD initially and if you see an good result then apply it on your main disc..

  • dvds Standard polishing pastes
  • Hair Gel
  • Car Wax
  • Any cleaner wax
  • Plastic polishes

If you’ve explored any other tips that has completely cured your dvd then let us know..

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Tony Redgrave March 7, 2011

Wow the hair gel one worked on my scratched copy of DMC3:Special Edition. Couldn’t be any happier besides me and my gf

Lilly Downey August 20, 2010

Oh My God! The toothpaste trick really works and I could not be more thankful! Thank you so much!

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