How to Convert M3U to MP3 Audio files & Download M3U

Here is a easy way to download and convert audio songs from m3u to mp3 format. If you don’t know what m3u is then it is file extension for a playlist of MP3 audio files and it is not an Audio format. M3U is a computer file format that stores multimedia playlists which clearly shows that the files will only contain the information to the actual location and I am sure not many people have heard about M3U files. They are simply a playlist which cannot be played on your music player.

Where to find and download M3U files ?

Well, here is a excellent audio site called as i-DOSE which has some soothing Binaural beats song files for free download. These binaural beats helps in altering moods, behavior and consciousness of a frustrated mind! And if you are searching for such songs but they are in M3U format and you want to save these M3u in MP3 format then there is a need to convert them from m3u to mp3.

How to convert those M3U to MP3 audio files so that you can listen them on your computer ?

M3U files are very small in size (size in bytes), and although it looks like a mp3 playable file but you can’t play those songs on your music player such as winamp. For this reason you have to convert them to mp3 type format files. This is really easy to do and it doesn’t need software such as M3U file opener or viewer. Anyway the simple solution is

Just download .m3u files and right click the M3U file – Choose program and Open with Notepad.


After doing so you can see that the file has been converted from m3u to mp3 audio file. Quite easy! Copy the link from the notepad and Now go to your web browser, paste the file and hit enter. Download the audio song which is easily converted in mp3 format. Enjoy listening!

Note that this solution is for online m3u file format. If you come across a file that is sent to you by your friend (which is in M3u format) then it won’t play unless, otherwise, he provides the MP3 files along with this. M3U files host the location of MP3 files.


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    I was able to download and save M3U file few times using notepad but its not allowing me anymore to copy song to CD though I am still following same procedure .When I copy it in notepad and carry to my internet explorer it convert it into MP3 format and start playing in my window media player but it does not allow me to copy anymore. Pls advise.

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    I download music in Mp3 format but when I try to save them they become M3U. Using the above info, I do not get a site. I get a location in my computer. Soooo, what can I do to save these files as MP3?

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    I had the same problem with the file opening up in Quicktime, so I clicked on “File” –> “Save Page As” and saved the mp3 file. (I use the Firefox browser.) That worked for me, so maybe it might for others, as well.

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    @Link – @Chuck –

    Hmm… I am not sure what can be the problem; maybe try and play them by downloading codecs (this should work).

    You can play M3u on Winamp, Windows Media player or other standard player after installing the codec packs. Good luck!

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    Yo, I tried doing this, but it gives me a URL without .mp3 at the end. In other words, nothing happens, it doesn’t even opend the page. Help would be cool.

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    I too am having trouble downloading the MP3 versions of M3U files. Similar to Dave and Mannat, I can paste the notepad link and hear the file played on my computer in Quicktime. But cannot download the file as an MP3 version for saving purposes. When I paste the notepad file to my browser I am not prompted to Save the file. What am I doing wrong?

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    @Navjot – If you make a search for “M3U converter” software you will find good number of results.. though I haven’t used any of them but most of those software are trial version,so to avoid people from making a hole in the pocket,I have written such title :P

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    At first I was a bit shocked by the post title. Converting here is a misleading term. You should say…how to extract mp3 files information from m3u files without using software. That will sound reasonable and practical.

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    @Dave – When you open the M3U file in notepad you will get the .mp3 extension,Copy that link and paste it browser,it will ask you to save the file.Click OK and the file will be downloaded!

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    I was able to copy an M3U into NotePad and open it up in my web browser but I’m unable to save it or download it. It opens in Quick Time and I do not see how to download it. Can you help me with this please? I have two songs that I played in a concert that I would like to download onto my MP3 player and put on a CD.

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