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Deviant Art is one of the biggest designer show case websites that has been around for few years now. This is the place where designer uploads his designs and shares them with like minded people. Though I am not into design field but I use deviant art to find, download top quality wallpapers, vector brushes, icons and stock images that are absolutely free.

Search Deviant art


With a simple search you will be able to find almost everything related to designs and free downloads. You can search a specific category or all the sections of deviant art. The search page displays results in thumbnails and sometimes it never loads if you have any addon enabled, so make sure adblock+ is disabled to view deviant art search page results.

Deviant Art Categories

From projects to avatars, game themes to famous wallpapers, deviant art has it all! There are tons of categories where you can browse everything related to design. Here is the screenshot..


Download Deviant Art Files

Once you arrive to the page from search results or categories, you can click on the Download button which is situated at the top left of the website. Usually the files are zipped in .zip extension which can be extracted using winrar or winzip software.


And to save any of the wallpaper, make it into a full size view (either click on the wallpaper or drag the image to the address bar), right click and save image as option will save the image onto your hard disk. I hope this small tutorial helps you to download deviant art designs hassle free now.

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WD40 July 29, 2009

Wow! How did You manage to do it ?

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