How to Find Similar Artist Songs From Your Favorite Artist Info

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I love 30 seconds to Mars band, how can I find similar band like them? An usual instance that happens to all of us on an daily basis i.e, you stumble across an song, love the tune and you go ahead to find similar music to please your ears. So, how exactly can you find similar artist songs?

Few of the online websites are good for recommending similar artist and music. These websites will actually match info with your selected favorite artist and display the result. Last fm is an good way to search similar artist songs. You can use the following format to get similar artists, replace the band name with your favorite artist..


Example: Similar artist for Three days Grace

Alternately, you can visit, input your favorite artist in search box and then click on ‘Similar Artists’ as shown.


Another way to find artist or music based on your selection is with tastekid, you can get similar bands/Artists information and find out the latest trending music as well.



Example: Similar artist for Theory of Deadman

Know any other recommendation engine or ways to find out popular and similar artists? Let me know..

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