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Here is a small sized 71kb utility called as Clickfont which is really useful.As the name suggests it deals with the fonts on your windows.To be exact – it helps in easy installation of font instead of draging and dropping them in Control Panel. Though drag and dropping font doesn’t take much time in windows but if you have placed the font in a different location or if you hate to open to many windows then Clickfont comes in as a handy application.



ClickFont which makes installing fonts easier. It allows easy installation of TrueType, OpenType and PostScript fonts with just two mouse clicks, from anywhere in the system. To install new fonts all you need to do is just right click on the font and select “Install Font”. Moreover apart from copying the fonts in windows,Click font also registers them properly with a system call which makes things easier.A good utility worth downloading if you a font lover!

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Rajaie AlKorani July 28, 2008

In Vista, installing fonts is much more easier, all it requires is a double click and that’s it 🙂

Pavan Kumar July 28, 2008

Is it more simpler than what I use? Just copy the font file and paste in fonts folder. That’s it… very easy job…

PC July 27, 2008

good method but I don’t prefer installing fonts. More fonts will slow down your computer.

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