Integrating Email Client to Firefox Browser

By Sidharth | Ideas

As we know, e-mail clients are an important part of our life. At times, while we would love to access our important emails, we just couldn’t do it, and the blame goes to the internet connection — at least that’s the case with us college students.

However, with the outburst of technology, and the evolving internet universe, things have changed. For the better. These days, email can be accessed offline, and right from our desktop using POP/IMAP technologies. The advantage of having email client using advanced technologies is that you can save emails on your computer and print it conveniently.

And for the firefox lovers, here is something to cheer about: an addon that can integrate email to your browser. In other words, you can access Gmail, Outlook or any other email provider’s email right from your firefox browser. How cool is that?


This Firefox browser addon, named Simple Mail, is an intuitive way of accessing emails right from your browser. It integrates email client to your browser from where you will be notified about new messages; you can read messages, write and send emails to anyone from your contact lists. You can configure one or more accounts in Preferences, set account refresh time and get notification of new mail messages as well.

As soon as you receive a fresh mail, Simple Mail shows the count in status bar on your Firefox browser. Also, Simple Mail has a toolbar button, which you can put on a toolbar for easy access. You can click Simple Mail icon to open received messages in a separate browser tab. The search function which is on the top right helps a lot in searching your emails faster and easier.

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