How to Remove C:\FS6519.dll.vbs Infected Virus From Computer

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Unable to open C drive on your computer? Encountered an unexpected error of C:FS6519.dll.vbs while operating windows? Here are some ways to fix and remove C:FS6519.dll.vbs from your computer.. before that let’s analyze and look into this unknown file extension.

What is FS6519.dll.vbs File

Windows triggers the file FS6519.dll.vbs whenever you have an infected PC, this usually happens when you plug in an external device such as usb that supports autorun. Because of which, the system then displays error messages such as..

Can not find script file C:FS6519.dll.vbs

Remove C:FS6519.dll.vbs File

Although many of you might assume this file being an virus, but it’s not. As I said, this file is triggered because of the autorun.inf file. So, to completely stop this process.. you’ve to remove autorun.inf file from your computer.

Whenever you try to access your hard disk drives such as C drive or D drive, the error of C:FS6519.dll.vbs pops up on the screen and the only solution to enter the drives is to right click on them and explore.

Once you’ve entered the main drive, you should unhide the hidden folders and files (Go to Tools –> Folder Options and a dialog box appears; click on view tab and choose show hidden files and folders) from your drives. Doing this enables you to view the autorun.inf file..


Now in the infected drive, you should be able to see an file named autorun.inf.. copy it and save it somewhere (it’s an small file, so attach and send it as an email as a measure to play safe in case you mess it up). Once you’re done with the back-up, delete the file autorun.inf from your drive and the recycle bin.

If you can’t find it then make an search from your computer and be careful while deleting them.

Next time, whenever you try to access the C drive, you won’t be facing the issue anymore.. 🙂

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