Rotating and Tilting Pictures in Windows live Writer

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Windows live writer is a really useful blogging software for Windows that can do a lot of things. You can customize the software, add plugins, and more importantly, play with the pictures. In this article we will find out how to rotate and tilt pictures and photos on Live Writer.

When I first posted photos on Windows Live writer, added effects and modified it, I was satisfied and surprised to know a software like this exists for free. The customization part of Live writer makes pictures look professional. For example, here is a picture I have posted on live writer, rotated it, added a “tilt” effect and finally included watermark while keeping the image dimension to suit my requirements.


Even you can insert images and customize them on Live writer. Launch the software, drag and drop your photo into the Live Writer writing area. Select the photo now, and on the right sidebar you can see options allowing you to crop, add fading effects, rotate, custom resize and even tilt the picture. You can always overlay effects and if you don’t like any effect, hit ctrl+z to roll back.

Want more? You can download Polaroid plugin (Download Polaroid plugin) which is an excellent addon to add Polaroid effect to your existing images.

Note: The images cannot be saved on your computer. I assume you are a blogger and you have an active blog (with hosting space), so once you have added the image to Live Writer, you have to hit publish or send the post to draft. Only then the image will be generated, which can be saved back on your computer. If you are editing more than one images, add all these images in your live writer’s window and start customizing. Publish it on your blog (or FTP it), then you can download all of them on your computer once again.

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kenG February 6, 2009

makes the content posting easier for non developers 🙂

    Sidharth February 6, 2009

    Definitely easier 🙂 Glad to see you buddy!

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